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Why Drywall and Plastering

Drywall and plastering are the two most important elements that require serious attention before construction of a house begins. Gone are the days when drywall was considered as an inferior substitute of plastering. In modern construction, drywall and plastering play the role of back up for each other. Things have considerably changed from the time when drywall and plastering were first started to be used in building constructions. Since then the quality and technique of these processes have made great advancement and as a result, numbers of labor employed in a construction activity can be reduced. Both drywall and plastering are used for repairing walls and to add aesthetic value to the walls of a house. They are widely used for interior decoration also. Drywall and plastering are not much critical jobs but if the instructions are followed properly, the processes do not bother the building contractors or owners. While selecting a drywall and plastering option, try to measure the damage that has been done to your walls. If the damage is really degenerating, you should go for some permanent solutions like covering or lining along with drywall and plastering since the later are only for exterior decoration of the walls.

Difference Between Drywall And Plastering

Though both drywall and plastering are used for almost same purposes, there are some basic differences between drywall and plastering. Plastering is often considered as a better option if you want to avoid dust. Plaster is a mixture of dry compounds just like concrete and it is applied on the blue board. But the process of plastering is faster than that of drywall and it is much affordable too. On the other hand, drywall is easy to work with though it takes much time to set and harden. The compounds used in drywall can be mixed easily. These compounds are also available in ready-to-use form. One major benefit of drywall is that it can be cleaned up very easily. In modern homes drywall is the most appropriate choice.

Tips For Drywall And Plastering

If you own an old house, your house must have plasterworks on the walls. Walls with plasterworks are common features in houses built during the 18th and the 19th centuries. The plastering can create marvelous artistic ornamentation on the walls. If the walls of your old house need any repairing, drywall is the choice to be opted easily. Drywall and plastering both have aesthetic values. But they need great attention to be maintained. For their wide popularity, it is easy to find resources and help on drywall and plastering. There are certain tips on drywall and plastering which can help you make your walls as beautiful and spotless as you want. In older homes, unlike the new ones, plastering is the one and only choice and drywall is used for patchworks. Plastering can create strong and sturdy walls with great longevity. Unlike drywalls, plastered walls do not get scratches or damages easily. But, once it gets scratches, it will require some effort to patch it. Therefore, you need to be careful while undertaking drywall and plastering works. You can also do some artistic works on drywall and plastering with remodeling process.


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