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Landscaping For Saving Energy

Landscaping comprises several activities that improve the aesthetic appeal of an area of land.
It has been proved that landscaping can save your electricity bills to a significant extent. Research shows that a carefully designed landscaping can save up to 25% of energy by cutting the heating and cooling costs. Planting trees, shrubs, vines and hedges in the surroundings of a house brings in good returns in the form of reduction in heating and cooling costs. A well-designed landscape can work wonders; your house is protected from the sun and heat, thus saving your energy bills in summer months. At the same time, it can help in controlling noise and air pollution. The model computer devices of the US Department of Energy show that three properly located trees around a house can save the average annual energy bill of the household up to $100 to $250. Your initial investment in the landscape is returned, in general, within eight years of investment. This is the process that runs throughout the year.

Some Tips for Landscaping

If you have a yard for landscaping, it needs proper maintenance. The best possible way to maintain a landscaping is to take adequate care of it on every alternate day, which is a better option than to work really hard the whole day once in a whole week. There are some tips to be followed to make the maintenance of landscaping easier. Mow the grass of the lawn on a regular basis to keep the landscape clean. Get rid of weeds with a weed trimmer. Dead blooms and leaves are to be removed from the plants regularly. Clean the branches and debris while raking the leaves. Maintain the shape of the walkways and flowerbeds. Water the lawn, flowerbeds and shrubs regularly. Trim the hedges and shrubs to give the landscape a fresh, neat and clean look. Following these basic steps will help you keep a landscape in its best order; no matter the landscape is a big project or a small one.

Landscaping For Small Gardens

Though it is always easy to plan a landscape when the garden is large one, landscaping a small garden requires much intelligence and creativity. In large gardens, the spaces are ample and a tiny mistake does not cost you much. If you reside in a townhouse, you have hardly any chance to design your landscape in your own way as the front and side gardens are taken care of by others. Your only option is the backyard. First, prepare a draft of your plan and make a list of the plants you would like to have in your garden. Arrange for a soil testing kit for testing the soil of the land mass and to know the soil type; this is essential before preparing a landscaping. The test can help you in taking certain preventive measures before the saplings are planted. Try to plant vines and climbers, as they do not occupy much space and yet provide fresh look to the garden and keep it lively. You can light the landscaping in such a way that you can enjoy the refreshing view of your garden from home even at night.


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