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The Trends of Painting and Wallcovering

Painting and wallcovering are essential to provide the most attractive look and appeal to the walls of a house. Therefore, they should be selected with great care while decorating a house, especially the walls. The decoration of the interior walls should be such that it creates a fresh and relaxing ambience at your home. The colors of the painting and wallcovering should be soothing and in harmony with the entire environment of your home. It is often seen that people, when surrounded by nature, can relax the most. As a result, people mostly choose such paintings and wallcoverings that bring the nature feel and settings inside the rooms. It has a fresh impression like “get back to nature”. You can set stone, granite or faux textures for a nice background. Before choosing any color for painting and wallcovering, just look around to find what nature has in store for you. Select the color of painting and wallcovering from the nature. Floral prints, or patterns with vegetable and leaves with fruits are of high demand in the market for painting and wallcovering. These types of painting and wallcovering can mixed up with natural woods and flooring. There cannot be anything more relaxing and refreshing than an interior with a feel like sitting in the lap of mother nature. There are other determining factors for selecting painting and wallcovering for your rooms. The painting should be in harmony with the doors and windows as well as with the furniture plans. Go through the catalogues before choosing the accessories before you spend money on an item. You can search the websites of companies offering these products and services for more details. Choose the painting and wallcovering that you simply love and select the other accessories based on that.

The Color for Painting and Wallcovering in Bedroom

While decorating the bedrooms, you can experiment with several styles and settings as the bedroom is absolutely your personal world and chances are low that guests will visit the room. You must be at the best of your creativity while choosing painting and wallcovering for your bedroom. However, it should be in such a way that you feel most comfortable in your own small kingdom. There are three basic rules that you should follow while selecting the painting and wallcovering for the bedroom. If you follow the monochromatic scheme, you have to choose all elements with the same color. For example, if you select blue as the theme color for the entire decorative elements, you should have the tinge of blue in every item in some way or other. This is color family rule. According to another rule called the next-door neighbor color rule, the color wheel should be followed while selecting your wall color. This rule states that you may consider applying colors other than the basic theme color. For example, if you select red, you may apply orange and violet also. This is also called analogous color scheme. According to the Chinese rule, there should be some contrast in colors in the bedrooms. This can create a harmonious environment. You can experiment with dark and light shades in the painting and wallcovering to make turn your bedroom into a heaven.

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