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Sponging is a quick way to add texture and color to a wall. Be sure to use a new sponge for each color you add.


Tools required:

  • wall paint in two or more colors

  • low-tack painter's tape (for masking off woodwork)

  • disposable gloves

  • natural sea sponges with medium to heavy textures

  • strip of stiff, thin cardboard

  • paper plates or paper towels (for blotting)



1. Using one paint color, apply your base coat; let dry.

2. Dampen the sponges and wring them as dry as possible. Dip a sponge into the remaining paint color. Dab the sponge onto a paper plate until most of the paint is removed.

3. Gently press the sponge to the wall and lift. Continue doing this in a random pattern. To sponge close to the ceiling or into corners, use cardboard to protect the adjacent wall. When the sponge becomes completely dry, dip it in the paint and begin the process again.

4. You can sponge on additional colors if you want to, beginning with the darkest color and working your way to the lightest. Step back once in a while to get a better idea of how much paint you want. Add as many layers as you want until you achieve the desired density. If you're using latex paint, it will dry quickly, so there's no need to wait between layers.

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