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Accessory Dwelling Unit

What is an ADU?
ADU stands for Accessory Dwelling Unit. It refers to a secondary housing unit which a garage has been converted into. Examples of ADUs include converted guesthouses, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. If you dream of turning your garage into a sparkling new room or studio in your home, then our specialists are the ones to talk to. We have been offering converting garage into living spaces in Los Angeles for over 13 years. Our team will work with your remodeling ideas to deliver your dream room addition. Give our garage conversion contractors a call to discall all your ideas.

ADU Plans
Yes, this project does require a full architectural plan. I’m sure you have some great ideas as for how to design your new accessory dwelling unit but remember, this will become a legal living space and therefore all new building codes will apply. We know how to design it properly to meet all city requirements and maximize the space so you can earn top dollars in rent. Depending on the city that you reside in, the process of approving architectural plans for ADU takes some time, we encourage our potential clients to start with the planning stage even if they are not fully ready for construction.

We will help you walk through your project from intitial site planning and feasibility, to design, finance ideas, municipal codes and set backs, to engineering, plans and construction. We also have some ideas concerning how to rent your new space.

There are many economic, social, and environmental benefits to building an ADU or guest house. An ADU offers flexible housing options in a central neighborhood, while using existing infrastructures. They are an affordable housing option to build as they do not require additional land or major new infrastructure. Where the cost of housing is a rising concern for many East Bay Area residents, an ADU provides a more affordable option in developed areas. They also come with a significantly smaller environmental impact as tiny houses, at an average of 450 square feet per unit, use less energy in daily living. Having an ADU can also raise your property value. The right design can blend seamlessly into your home and the neighborhood, adding to the beauty of your property.

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